Why Choose West Metro Driving School?

  • Highly qualified driving instructors: Your instructor is highly trained, licensed by the State of Georgia, and consists of a team of educators, coaches, counselors, public safety professionals, and other related fields. Instructors are often active or retired teachers from your local schools, who have gone through the background checks, training and licensing required to become a driving instructor.
  • Hands-On Experience and Real Road Training: We limit our cone course instruction to parking and basic maneuvers. We try to have students on real roads as much as possible, so that our training is useful for their future work, play and education goals
  • One-on-One Behind The Wheel Training: Our behind the wheel training is always one-on-one with an instructor. We don't use round-robin driving and we don't have multiple students in the car during training. One-on-one training with the instructor ensures that instruction is personalized for your student's needs.
  • Free Local At-Home Pickup for Driving Sessions: If you live anywhere in the local area, our instructors will pick your student up and drop them off for each behind the wheel driving session
  • Feedback That You Can Use: After each driving session, we e-mail a report that details what we covered during the session, how well the student did with each part of the driving curriculum, and we give recommendations on what to practice at home. This report is a valuable tool that helps parents or other family practice with students to prepare them for future sessions as well as their driving test.
  • Smaller, more personalized classes: West Metro Driving School has a more personalized, comfortable atmosphere. A small class size allows our instructors to provide each student and excellent drivers education.

Supporting the Community

West Metro Driving School is committed to supporting our local community. We sponsor a number of great local programs that help keep our communities safe, care for our public servants who protect us every day, and improve the lives and futures of our teens. If you see us at an event, please stop by, say hello, and donate to these great organizations!

Our Experience

West Metro Driving School has been educating drivers since 2007. Among the thousands of students who have graduated our program, you’ll find students from all skill levels and age groups. Our school, instructors and staff have the experience needed to give every student a chance to achieve safe, confident driving skills.

Our Vehicles

One of the highlights of your training are the vehicles we use during that training. We continuously update our training vehicle fleet with the newest vehicles, the majority today are new Toyota Corollas.

New vehicles are more than just enjoyable to drive- they have a higher reliability and more safety features for our instructors and students. Additional airbags and safety features are lifesaving for any training with new drivers.

Our vehicles also include the features young drivers will expect to see in their new car purchase. New technology in the dashboard, such as newer radio systems, backup cameras, and safety indicators help our instructors show students what is important and not to pay attention to while on the road.