Our Instructors

At West Metro Driving School, your instructor is the best of the best. Every instructor is an educator dedicated to your growth, safety and success as a driver.

Your instructor is highly trained, licensed by the State of Georgia, and consists of a team of educators, coaches, counselors, public safety professionals, and other related fields. Instructors are often active or retired teachers from your local schools, who have gone through the background checks, training and licensing required to become a driving instructor.

*Pictures still to come

Instructor Joey F.
Instructor John F.
Instructor Karen S.
Instructor Lorri W.
Instructor Kyle J.
Instructor David R.
Instructor Mandy M
Instructor Seth W.
Instructor Steve C.
Instructor Steve S.
Instructor Steve W.
Instructor Vickie C.
Instructor Thomas W.
Instructor Allen R.
Instructor Ben B.
Instructor James S.
Instructor Jeff H.
Instructor Chris B.
Instructor Ed H.