West Metro Driving School Cartersville

We are state licensed to serve students statewide through our tele-classrooms, as well as local students in the Cartersville area, including the City of Cartersville, Adairsville, White, Rydal, Emerson, Taylorsville, Euharlee, Emerson, Sutallee, Allatoona, Acworth, North Paulding/North Dallas, South Calhoun, Kingston, East Rome and surrounding areas. We also have convenient meeting locations for students from Woodstock and Canton.

Drivers Education and Joshua’s Law Classes

Cartersville classrooms are equipped with interactive “smart board” displays, and students learn in a clean, up to date classroom environment with an impactful and informative drivers education program. The Driver’s Education course prepares students for behind the wheel training portion by teaching the terminology that in-car instructors will use, including lane position, types of turns, types of intersections and detection of road hazards. The course also shows the impact of making bad or uninformed decisions as a driver, and the effects on the driver’s future, legal implications, and impact to the community.

Behind the Wheel Training

Behind the wheel, or in-car, driver training is performed on local roads and highways that are in the community that the new driver will be driving in. Local highways in the Cartersville area include US-41 (Joe Frank Harris Parkway), US-411, GA SR-113 and interstate training on I-75. The training is completed in several two-hour sessions. Instructors take students through a graduated training program that starts with local roads and parking lot training, then local roads and highways, then interstate, which can be followed by additional training such as Accident Prevention and Driver’s Test Preparation.

Drivers Testing – Take Your Drivers Test With Us!

West Metro Driving School in Cartersville, GA offers the hands-on, in-car Drivers Test for new drivers as a Third Party Test provider. Our testing offers a higher degree of flexibility than the traditional test at the Department of Driver Services. Students use the school vehicle for the test, the test is completed on our testing course, and our instructor administers the test. New drivers find testing with West Metro Driving School to be a more comfortable experience as they don’t need to provide their own vehicle, and they are testing in the same type of vehicle their training was conducted in. Once a student passes the test, we provide them with a certificate that they can take to any GA Department of Drivers Services location.

Defensive Driving Classes

Our Cartersville, GA location offers weekly state licensed 6-Hour Defensive Driving classes, with both in-person and remote tele-classroom available. These classes can be utilized for a variety of official reasons, such as for Court, Court Ticket Reduction, License Reinstatement, DDS Points Reduction, or for Insurance Reduction purposes.

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