Benefits of Our Testing

Add Your Drivers Test

Add a discounted drivers test to any driving package for just $75!
  • Priority Testing Slots
  • Discounted Test ($75) When Purchased With Package, $90 If Purchased Later

Our drivers tests are performed in our vehicle by our friendly, most experienced instructors. With simple 45-minute appointment windows, taking a drivers test at our school is the most convenient, personalized way to complete the practical road test.

Benefits of Testing

  • Use our Vehicle: Students use our vehicle for the test.
  • Our instructors administer the drivers test. This means you can expect the same quality of experience during your test as you had during your drivers education training.
  • No appointment with DDS required- schedule directly with our school.
  • Familiar environment: The test course is at the driving school.
  • Simple appointments: Tests are completed in 45 minute testing windows. No more waiting for hours at DDS!
  • Official State of Georgia License Exam

Testing Requirements

To become eligible to test at West Metro Driving School, students are required to have completed the following:

  1. Students Under 18: At least the 30-hour Joshua's Law course and 6-hours of behind the wheel driving (at least the Basic driving package). At least the 6 hours of behind the wheel must be completed at West Metro Driving School.
  2. Students under 18 must also have held their
    learner’s permit for a year and a day.
  3. Students 18 and Older: At least 6 Hours of Driving
    at West Metro Driving School!

The school staff can provide information on what to bring to DDS to have them print out your official license, and we can provide copies of any certificates necessary. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 770-443-1644.

Register by Phone: 770-443-1644!