People of all ages can benefit from drivers education, and at West Metro Driving School we have taught students of nearly every age between 14 and 80. Whether you need to learn how to drive before heading to college, joining the military, or getting a new job, our instructors can give you the valuable experience you need to be a safe and confident driver.

Adults aren’t under any specific requirements to get their license other than knowing how to drive. However, there are some benefits that drivers can receive depending on how they complete the course.

Students Ages 18-26

Very importantly, students aged 18 to 26 can still benefit from the tax credit and insurance discounts available to students through a traditional drivers education class that includes at least the 30-hour in-classroom instruction and at least 6 hours of behind the wheel training. For these students, we strongly recommend completing a driving package found on the Register for a Class page. Completing a traditional course for this age group will give the student the most educational and financial benefit in the long term.

Adult Students of All Ages (26+)

Adults drivers can approach drivers education in several different ways.

Behind the Wheel Only

This method goes directly into behind the wheel driving. It is the most direct way to get behind the wheel with an instructor. However, this method does not let you complete your drivers test at West Metro Driving School.

Behind the Wheel + Defensive Driving Class

This method combines behind the wheel training with a one-day defensive driving class. This allows the student to get a refresher course on driving laws and regulations, and to receive a certificate that reduces their insurance in the State of Georgia.

Traditional Drivers Education Program

This method is the traditional method of completing driver’s education. The student completes a 4-day class at the school, followed by at least 6-hours of behind the wheel driving with an instructor. We also currently include a free Defensive Driving class to help with insurance. With this method, the student can also add the driver’s test to their course package

  1. First Two Hour Session: Backing up, parallel parking, quick stops and other parking maneuvers, as well as some local road driving
  2. Second two hour session: Local roads and local highway driving up to 55mph. Lane changes, intersections, and acceleration.
  3. Third two hour session: Interstate driving. Merging on and off the interstate, changing lanes on the interstate as well as finalizing course instruction from the previous two sessions.
  4. 8, 10,and 12-hour packages: After the first six hours of instruction, your students training becomes more personalized. We spend more time covering their weaknesses and practicing with them the techniques they need the most help with.
  5. 16 and 20-hour packages: Our 16 and 20-hour packages cover the standard course instruction, go back over the students weaknesses, and then provide a bulk amount of experience behind the wheel. These packages are best for students who do not have regular access to a vehicle for extra practice at home..

Drivers Test
with Us!

Any student of any age can have the option of doing the driver’s test with us by completing at least the Basic driving package found on the Register for Class page and adding the driver’s test to their course package.

  • Use a school vehicle for your test
  • Complete your drivers test at the driving school
  • Test is administered by our instructors

Free At-Home Local Pickup For All Driving Sessions.During behind the wheel driving instruction, our instructors will come to your home to pick up your student and drop them off. You will not need to meet the instructor somewhere to start your student’s behind the wheel instruction.

Cone Instruction for Parking Only.The experience that driving on local streets and highways gives is invaluable for your student. For that reason, we limit “cone” instruction to parking only, and seek to have your student on the road as much as possible. Your student will not be driving on a simulated cone-course pretending they are on actual roads.

Behind the Wheel Only Pricing

These prices are for behind the wheel only.

6-Hours Behind the Wheel: $315

8-Hours Behind the Wheel: $415

10-Hours Behind the Wheel: $505

12-Hours Behind the Wheel: $600

16-Hours Behind the Wheel: $800

20-Hours Behind the Wheel: $1000

40-Hours Behind the Wheel: $1990

Single 2—Hour Session: $150

Drivers Test: $90.00
(Requires 30-hour classroom + at least 6 hours behind the wheel)

Drivers Testing is performed at the driving school in a driving school vehicle.
Test is administered by a licensed driving instructor.

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